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HUMIDUR by Acotec

Humidor is one of the most advanced coatings currently used by us here at Aberdeen Corrosion Solutions and throughout the world. With it’s wide range of use HUMIDUR stands for humidity and durability, and for good reason too. Acotec boast that they have not had a single coating failure in over 30 years. Aberdeen Corrosion Solutions in association with Acotec offer training, inspection and application of all HUMIDUR products. Give us a CALL to find out more.

ARC By Chesterton

ARC By Chesterton

In association with Chesterton and further association with our friends at Cactus industrial, Chesterton offer a range of coatings to suit almost every need and offer long term performance. Our main use here at Aberdeen Corrosion Solutions is the application/Training and inspection of ARCs Metal coatings, which strengthen and rebuild the original substrate with further corrosion and erosion protection.  Give us a CALL to find out more.

Pinovo – Dustless Abrasive Blasting

One of the most innovative ideas to come to the industrial coatings sector in many years, Pinovo offer a range of abrasive blasting devices which contain and limit the amount of dust exposure, whilst still creating the surface profile to meet all coating requirements. Aberdeen Corrosion Solutions are the sole provider of training for the Pinovo Blasting range and can also supply trained operatives to carry out the work for you . Give us a CALL to find out more.

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Advanced Insulation Solutions

Advanced Insulation Solutions

AIS offer a range of products and services within the insulation and fire proofing market, there CONTRAflame Fire proofing is a silicone based foam which provides thermal insulation and passive fire protection. CONTRAflex Insulation jackets offer a range of benefits including heat preservation, acoustic protection, high temperature protection and also efficiency. To arrange a demo or to find out more then please Give us a CALL. 


PX4 Air Filter by RSBlastech

Without a doubt the most exciting innovation to ever reach the abrasive blasting personnel protective market is the PX4 air filter. This removes the hazards of breathing from a compressed air line and all thing associated. Its battery pack and unique filter system clean the ambient air the user is in and means that not only do they have more freedom of movement, but they are also not restricted in an emergency evacuation scenario. To find out more on this product, please feel free to give us a call.

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